Knots & I Stay In Love

Now Playing:
Mariah Carey’s I Stay In Love

Absolutely hooked on this song, love the lyrics even though its a sad song. 🙂

I seems to have stressed my neck/shoulders without myself really knowing until monday when i went for my facial treat. i actually felt a ‘stress’ bump on my shoulder when my facialist was massaging for me. It hurts like HELL when she tried to help me get rid of it! At the same time telling me to not get so stress and that these should not be in the body too long, cause might cause veins/artery to get blocked and stroke can happen easily. eek!

Sounds pretty scary, I better take better care of myself. Can’t seem to get to sleep easily these days unless i’m dead tired. Think i have tons of stuff going through in my head that’s disrupting my sleep.

Hopefully from next week it will be better. =)

If you dont’ know me at this point
Then I highly doubt you ever will


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