2 More Days…

Now Playing:
183’s Magic Room
Savage Garden’s I Knew I Love You
Alicia Keys’ Harlem Nocturne

2 more days to go!! Eek!

Just shifted the bulk of my stuff over to Leo’s place, need to go over tmr to pack and tidy up. Feels kinda sad leaving the home I grew up in. hais. Guess i’m gonna miss dinner times in my own house where we will all sit and talk together. 😦

Collected the gowns as well as the albums, 3-in-1, table top picture etc.

Some of the pictures made me wonder how come we picked them in the first place?!!! urghh!!
And… I got tagged by Yun… So… 6 Fun Facts About Me. 🙂

1. Things I’m passionate about:


2. Books I’ve recently read:
Meg Cabot’s Size Doesn’t Matter (still reading!)
MJD’s Undead & Uneasy
Katie Macalister’s Holy Smoke
Textbooks/Magazines counted?
3. Songs I could listen over and over again:
Mariah Carey’s Songs
Jay Chou’s Songs
4. Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends:
5. Things I say often:
6. Things I’d like to do before I die:
Have nothing to fill this up with at this moment. =/

the 6 pictures for our families to give to relatives & friends.
I Think I Dreamed You Into Life…

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