1st Wedding Anniversary!

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1st Wedding Anniversary! More to come! 🙂

I’m on MC (nasal congestion + dry cough) and slept pretty much the day away…

Leo surprised me with roses when he came back from work…


Celebrated on sunday. went Carnivore for dinner.
I guess i was feeling pretty sick to really enjoy the food.

Finally bought color form 5 advanced brush set. – SGD$105.00
[thank you my dear!]
(for what’s inside, refer to a 2 posts down.)


I can’t resist anything PURPLE!!!


I was gonna give up getting after reading reviews that its actually blue instead of purple, but nope luckily i went down to take a look!

I think I’m becoming a MAC Addict!!! Next to get on my list are the blushes from the Sonic Chick Collection 😦

Recieved the mac pigments i bought recently from a lovely cotter in the mail!


Lynn’s a happy happy girl with her new mac products! Got my hands on nars gina, outlaw and orgasm recently will have to try them out soon!


Our honeymoon to korea is most probably cancelled due to not enough travellers to date.

Natas fair coming up 1st aug – 3rd aug, will probably go scout and see if we can get a better deal and maybe go somewhere else instead. =]

I Shall Find Peace.
I Shall Hear The Angels.
I Shall See The Sky Sparkling With Diamonds…


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