Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Me thinks Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has strike me cause i always have prolonged usage of computers & keyboards for MANY MANY YEARS. The pain hit my upper & lower arms on both sides along with dear didn’t see my hand and sat on them while i was watching bleach on sunday with them stretched out over without support. (I know i’m lucky i didn’t fracture any piece of bone) =(

I’m taking chinese medicine to help blood circulation at the same time didn’t make it better, worst infact. The pain’s almost unbearable when i’m sleeping, waking me up in the middle of the night almost crying. Went to the chinese physician near my old place, he’s really good. Knowing what causes it and where’s the root of the problem, I only told him i’m hurting worst at my upper arms.

Supposed to be barred from computers and anything handheld for 1-2 days. I’ve only managed to survived 1 day without my computer and DS. Going to limit my time online for today. xD

For now, my left arm still hurts abit, right arm still hurts kinda bad. If it doesn’t get well by sat, I may have to go for acupuncture to get it better.

Time to go find some green trees or seas to stare at it.

Too much heaty chinese medicine recently and durians last night, made me developed a cough and sort of lose my voice today… DRATS!

I fell right through the cracks,
now I’m tryin to get back before the cool done run out
I’ll be givin it my best


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