Agreement Of Lease

Haven’t typed an entry in awhile.

I seriously don’t know WHAT i’m busy with, time just passed like that.

Went HDB on the 8th to sign the Agreement Of Lease. Our house to be ready sometime in Year 2011.

Attended 2 soleminzations this month too. (Congrats to the couples!)

Went home for dinner last sunday, mom was telling me that my aunts are asking if there’s baby news. -_- (I think i’m getting sick of all these. sigh.)

was packing up my skincare/cosmetics cupboard… and i realise.. i have quite abit of mac cosmetics products! and i’m still adding on to the collection =x (Leo is sooo going to faint)

mac blushes, brushes, pigments, eyeshadows… etc etc…

Have yet to get my foundation refill as well, Its Out of Stock at all the Chanel counters i went to ask. 😦

Isetan Private Sale this week!


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