Why Should I Be Put Through Hell?

Can’t believe its almost end of the year already.

New layout design featuring Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight.
(Bear with the opacity thingy. I need to find time to draw in the div layers for the content ;x)

Just realised this time of the year, I always have a blue layout.
Last year was Yukari & George from Paradise Kiss also in a blue design.

hmmm, seems like I always feel blue at the end of the year eh?

It hasn’t been a good year so far. lots of not so good things happened. ;(

Sent our wedding bands for re-plating and polishing.

gonna go without it for at least 10 days!!

22 days more to xmas!

Been a long time since I
Did something good for myself
But why should I be put through hell?

It’s been 8months 3 weeks 5 days………………………….


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