The World Has Turned To Silent

Blog’s now playing Jason Mraz Feat. Colbie Calist – Lucky. Had been taking notice of his songs ever since Geek In The Pink. 🙂

I’m feeling physically and emotionally better this time around.
(I wonder how come i took it so bad the last time. lol) Maybe I ?? already.

maybe all those months of Traditional Chinese Medicine did help afterall.

I’m going on a break before starting with the meds all over again. =)

now waiting for the testing results and going for blood tests in two weeks time.

I’m hoping for a cause/reason to be found…

If it’s meant to be, no matter what happens it would be right?

Oh! Oh! I finally pre-ordered what i want from
MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection. heh.

Tons of movies to catch this year!

Some on my list..
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
He’s Just Not That Into You
Fast & Furious
Transformers; Revenge Of The Fallen
Ice Age 3
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Hotel For Dogs

When your tears have dried from cryin’
And the world has turned to silent
When the clouds have all departed
You’ll be right here with me


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