Maybe It Is In Death…

It wasn’t too long ago, that I used to smile,
It wasn’t too long ago, that I was an optimist.
But enough water has passed for life to turn around;
To let me be satisfied in dissatisfaction…

I am a solution, and an effective one,
It’s just that I am not made for my problems.
I am a warrior, and a daring one,
But the battle’s been lost before it begun…

They say that success is short lived and temporary,
I, myself, have been testimony to this.
But I say that failure is a better companion,
For it is faithful, through the eyes of an optimist…

It is in despair, that I find hope,
It is in greed, that I find satisfaction,
It is in envy, that I find contentment,
It is in pain, that I find comfort.
And maybe it is in death, that I will find a new life…

At times acting human seems a far cry,
For adversity enrages the beast inside.
I become livid at the very thought of my life,
And then I calm down, waiting to complete my term.

It has been a comedy of errors, my story,
Far from what I thought it would turn out to be like.

And now I think that the perception was raw,
It has ripened, for I only know this painful life…

As time flies past, and years whistle by,
I look back, trying to sieve through the shattered remains,
I pick up the pieces that I once lived to see
But the pieces too are those of pain.

By Authspot Abhin


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