1st entry of twenty-ten

Listening to: Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Few days before xmas.. I got the invoice for my domain, before that i was already thinking of abandoning this place since i hardly updated in 2009. It struck me later on that I’ve been using it since 2002 and I couldn’t bear to leave. ?????

Thinking back, the past year haven’t been great.
The bads – 2 losts (brings total to 3 losts in a row now), finding out the reasons why and now i’m still seeking a solution to these problems and hopefully one can be found to finally make a wish come true.
The goods – Room got renovated while we were away on taiwan trip. family gotten closer. took up a new course to learn some new skills that’s related to work.

pretty much sums up the year (pretty boring eh?). onward to 2010!

pressie for myself for xmas. ?
MAC Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit & MAC Superdupernatural Mineralize Blush
Bought a new scheduler/planner from Cotton Candy
It’s really pretty and have a cash accounts section to keep track of expenditures.
dustee with his favourite cushions in my room ?
and randoms pictures/stuff that i wanted to post about in the past year. 😡

I couldn’t have prepare myself for this fall

Shattered in pieces curled on the floor

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