Listening to: Tata Young – My Bloody Valentine

I’ve always wondered when we list resolutions, do they ever worked out?

Do you ever get them done?

I didn’t do one last year, maybe that’s why I was floating around aimlessly.

So, I’m going to do one this year! (albeit 13days late.)

resolution – A resolving to do something / A course of action determined or decided on

1. Sleep earlier every night. ( i’m going to look like a real panda soon, besides sleep is suppose to be good for the skin? )
. Go to office earlier (which is achievable by doing 1. every night!)
3. Take better care of my health and reduce intake of panadols.
4. REDUCE intake of tea(including bubble tea) & cold drinks, apparently its not good for the womb.
5. Move my lazy ass & exercise + get back in shape.
6. Stop leaving the house bare-faced without moisturizer or sunblock. (freckles showing up AGAIN)
7. Spend more time with family and friends.
8. Complete reading at least 1 book every month.
9. Do not play games soo much. (this should be a tough one to keep)
10. Blog more entries!

I hope on 31st dec 2010, I can post and say I’ve kept/done it all. >.<

I have started on 9. with this.

Melissa de la cruz – The Van Alen Legacy


It's such a dirty mess imperfect at it's best


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