Valentine’s Day 2013

After so many years together, Valentine’s Day feels just like another normal day.

 But still we made it a point to head out to have lunch together.

The Manhattan Fish Market

Ice Tea, Soup of the Day Small Flame &  Scallops Fish Chicken


I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


New Layout – Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji.

Had a really boring week consisting of eating and sleeping alot. I guess it can’t be help?

I hope next week will be better, even though my MC is till 20th February.

Didn’t celebrate Valentine’s , but Leo bought me a BIG tigger Plushie. ;]

I’m off to watch ??·? – Perhaps Love on tv!

Edit: this layout seems be having problems viewing on firefox. urgh! I’ll get it fixed asap.

Love can be bittersweet – though sometimes, it’s far more bitter than sweet.

1st Wedding Anniversary!

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1st Wedding Anniversary! More to come! 🙂

I’m on MC (nasal congestion + dry cough) and slept pretty much the day away…

Leo surprised me with roses when he came back from work…


Celebrated on sunday. went Carnivore for dinner.
I guess i was feeling pretty sick to really enjoy the food.

Finally bought color form 5 advanced brush set. – SGD$105.00
[thank you my dear!]
(for what’s inside, refer to a 2 posts down.)


I can’t resist anything PURPLE!!!


I was gonna give up getting after reading reviews that its actually blue instead of purple, but nope luckily i went down to take a look!

I think I’m becoming a MAC Addict!!! Next to get on my list are the blushes from the Sonic Chick Collection 😦

Recieved the mac pigments i bought recently from a lovely cotter in the mail!


Lynn’s a happy happy girl with her new mac products! Got my hands on nars gina, outlaw and orgasm recently will have to try them out soon!


Our honeymoon to korea is most probably cancelled due to not enough travellers to date.

Natas fair coming up 1st aug – 3rd aug, will probably go scout and see if we can get a better deal and maybe go somewhere else instead. =]

I Shall Find Peace.
I Shall Hear The Angels.
I Shall See The Sky Sparkling With Diamonds…


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Colby O’Donis Ft. Akon ‘s What You Got

Settled Honeymoon destination, like FINALLY!

We’re going to Korea~ 8 Days! Flying end July. can’t wait! =X

PC Show next week, gonna need to get a new DVD Re-writable rom, probably a digital camera as well.

Changed the song playing on my blog.

The Way You Move Got Me Hypnotized… =)

AD Album

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Finally confirmed the cover page image for my AD album. Hopefully can get the album soon!

Watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian today, not bad, though found that the ending was part was pretty fast and erupt. Sort of like they left out quite a bit of stuff from the book? *shrugs*

Destiny is what it is … or is it what we make it to be??


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Celine Dion & R.Kelly’s – I’m Your Angel

Felt that I should type an entry before i forget what i wanted to type till the day i get the pro photos.

Recently I wished that i had more time to prepare for the wedding (only had like 2 months plus), maybe it could have been more grand or at a more accessible place etc..

I actually kinda miss my mom, dad and sis. miss the conversations, laughter, goofy-ness sharing of food etc etc etc etc. Gotta make it a point to go home as often as possible! xD
After all the hassle hassle, pretty slack now.. deciding on where to go for Honeymoon in august. (we keep changing our mind on the destination)
Been busy providing HDB with the information they need to approve our HLE. Just checked today its been approved finally! BUT, received in the mail, a letter to provide more information for the additional housing grant. *faints*

Music played on 28th April 2008:
1st March In – Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply
2nd March In – All-4-One & Sammi Cheng’s I Cross My Heart
Childhood/R’ship Montage – Celine Dion & R.Kelly’s – I’m Your Angel

Did my nails for the wedding as well
(french manicure, gold strips & pearls on thumb and ring finger)
[I think my photoshoot nails were alot nicer. =x]


I saw your tear drops and I heard you cry
All you need is time, seek me and you shall find
You have everything and your still lonely
It don’t have to be this way
Let me show you a better day

Over & Done With!

Now Playing: NIL.

Had a Great Wedding but tiring on 27th & 28th April 2008.

BIG BIG Thanks to those that turned up. 🙂

Photos from photographer will only be ready in 4-6 weeks time.

will blog more once my domain is up and the pictures ready.

What counts in making a happy marriage

is not so much how compatible you are,
but how you deal with incompatibility.