Tim Ho Wan @ Bedok Mall

Finally managed to try this time around after a few different times of walking pass the different outlets & put off by the ‘snaking’ queues.

Joined the short queue at 10.30am (they open at 11am) at the Bedok Mall Branch. Minimum waiting time once seated for the food to arrive.

Must say It Was Good!


St. Marc Cafe!

Finally had a chance to try this cafe out!

Really loved the Ice Royal Milk Tea & Chocoro!

Click Here for More Information On St. Marc Cafe! 

Went back for more chocoros a few days later!

one is not enough!


We finally had a taste of shabuya located at vivocity, went there for our 3rd year Anniversary dinner ♥

The meal was absolutely yummy and filling!

There was a bowl of  salad appetizer, Tuna sashimi,  Chicken, pork, wagyu beef,
veggies, ice cream included in the set meal for 2.

Would have been better if it was buffet style for their dinner promotions!

I’ll definitely bug Leo to bring there to eat again!  😡

For more information: http://www.shabuya.com.sg/

“He who has never hoped can never despair.”

Sho Teppan @ #B3-19, ION Orchard

Chicken Yakimeshi & Sukiyaki

Chance upon Sho Teppan  while shopping at ION Orchard a couple of weeks ago.  Went in and tried something different!

The dishes were served within minutes after ordering and you have to cook it (think of pepper lunch style).

It was rather yummy, the side dish of vegetables was pretty appetizing and got me craving for more!

I would dine here again if i happen to be at ION. 🙂

Top pictures taken with 8.1 Megapixel, bottom with 3 megapixel.
Now I’m wondering why did I decide to change phone? O.O

The Rice Table

Latest Addiction: – Nothing..

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Everyone!

i’m sick.. again after eating spicy food last night for v’day dinner. haha! Went to Suntec’s The RiceTable restuarant to eat. Its like what yangs said 8/10 for the food, decor and ambience of the place. luckily leo liked the place and the food too. haha. above it all.. its cheap.! not even $40 with a discount of 15% for dbs card members… (leo got a shock at the bill. he expected it to cost more.. lols!) guess we would probably go there eat again sometime. =X

No gifts, no flowers doesn’t make v`day any less special~ its good enough that i have him by my side.. in my life. i’m contented. =)

Dog year seems to be a bad health year for thos born in the year of the ox… this is the second time i’ve gotten sick already. =/

just thinking that had i wait a few more days to go see doc..asthma could have relapse makes me shudders! = (

nights peeps!

*downloading bleach eps 68- 69* happy happy lynn~ =X