Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody!!


Back in Action!

Just realized i’m super-ly backlogged in entries (approx 1 year in timeline!)

so many things i wanna pen but never got down to doing it.

Yikes! I better start composing new entries  soon. 😉


Children reinvent your world for you.

In case you’re wondering…

I was away from 23rd March – 30th March 2010.

I’ve been trying to clear work that piled up,

settle & packing spree packages to mail.

Still re-sizing & editing trip photos.

and the best part…

I’m having problems entering my own site from the desktop at home.
(that explains the lack of entries)

Why is a raven like a writing desk?


If I could have laid low,
I would be creeping round the streets,
Avoiding all the busy main roads,
And keep an ounce of dignity,
And if I could have stayed home,
I would have slept through everything,
Turn off my phone and breathe a silence,
Stay in the comfort zone of me…

If I never met you,
I would be busy with my own life,
and still be happy.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year just came and gone like the wind.

didn’t do much visiting this year due to an upset stomach. (I believe the steamboat with beef in it on 初一 was the cause!)

Days before CNY was spent packing/cleaning up room, house, office and going to buy flowers!

Dragonfruits (this was something special)

One of the greeting cards office received this year. uber cute!

J’veux ton amour, et je veux ta revanche