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Beach Culture Restaurant Bar

Now Playing:
Maroon 5’s Wake Up Call

Previously didn’t like this song, till leo told me to hear the lyrics clearly when it was playing on the radio. haha, instant hit with me =x

Went for dinner on tuesday night at pasir ris park after meeting one of leo’s customer at changi heights. Wanted to try the food at the cafe (or is it called restaurant?) that Hoon recommended. So, i smsed her to ask how i could recognise the place, she told me that there’s a red lantern at the entrance. The two of us were off to look for the red lantern after we parked. Walked from one end to other without finding it.

Ended up going into Beach Culture Restaurant Bar to have our dinner.

Here’s what we had:
Cereal Fish & Chips
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Swiss Cheeze & Mushroom Pasta
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Overall, the food is not that bad, simply loved the cheezeeee.
The ambience’s alright
(other than they played opera – I think it gave leo a headache)
Price-wise, would say its a little expensive, cost us close to S$50. with 10% service charge. The canned drinks was really bo hua at $5.00 each! Having wine or beer would be a better choice!

And… here’s the best part. As we were walking back to the carpark.. we finally spotted the restaurant/cafe with the red lantern at the entrance!! we traced back our steps and realised… a HUGE TREE TRUNK blocked the lantern from view when we were walking previously out of the carpark…. geez..

Went for two workshops today at school, will blog about it in my next post.

I’m not kind if you betray me

so who the hell are you to save me?

Mahattan Fish Market

Now Playing ~

Feeling utterly hopeless. Tons of studying more to do. *sigh*

went and watched Spiderman 3 on 2nd may. didn’t really like it. probably cause of the hype, i expected more out of it. Dear share the same sentiments too.

Had dinner at Plaza Singapura’s Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant. the seafood platter was nice. loved the mussels and prawns!! & the mushrooms*droolz*
(Rating: 4/5. -0.5(cause of pricing) = 3.5/5)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
his”s PDA pictures are so clear. darn!

overall not too bad.

Can’t wait for EXAMS to be over!!

Lazy Weekend…

Latest Addiction: – Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I’ve been eating way alot these days. urgh. at this rate, i’m gonna put on weight already >.<

reached school late on friday. heng Mr Foo never say anything, i think he’s like super used to it already. Especially when half the class is always late. =X
went for production meeting after that. wahhh from, 12pm – 3pm. super long. made some changes here and there to the poster.. i’ve just edited it and find that it looks a disaster. *shrugs* headed straight to holland village after that. reached quite early and went and have my lunch meal at SUBWAY.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Couldn’t finish the cookies there… so brought it to my work place to eat/snack while working. i ended up finished eating and wanting more. =/ dear came over and fetched me home..

Saturday morning/noon was spent the usual way.. online slacking and checking out stuff, replying emails and all that.. still thinking bout my online shop. still wondering if i should cont doing it.. (though dear is winning to lend me the capital to start one..) since almost everyone is thinking of starting one. *yawns* maybe i should not cont. and make my retail shop dream come true instead! haha!

Aidan approached me asking if i would wanna join his company and source products for the company + help to manage…. sounds like the ideal job i’m looking for. haha. can shop and earn money at the same time.. of course will be paid with money.. since he doesnt believe in free labour~ =X i’ve yet to give him an answer though. have yet to discuss with dear too.. (his mood is unpredictable these days) ..oh well, nonetheless, studies come first! hehe.

it feels good to be working on saturday, something to occupy me when dear works too.. anyway let me show you want i had for dinner. tat day…. tooked with my handphone..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Cream Pasta + Mash Potatoes~ yummy. the pasta was good. serving was just nice.. not too full. =) but then at night close to 1am i gotten hungry.. make dear go downstairs with me to the kitchen in his house to look for food. i had Tom Yam Veg Instant Noodles while dear had Hawaiian Pizza. HAHA we are like 2 lazy pigs >.< eat and eat and eat.

sunday was spent lazing at his place. took afternoon nap also. that’s why i’m still awake at this time…… had home-made curry for dinner which his mom cooked. it tastes better than the one my mom cooks =X

did a birkenstock spree…. bought my third pair..>.< mom bought another one for herself too. >.< so all in all my house is gonna have.. erm.. 5 pairs… *yikes*

anyway,..time to get some stuff to do… probably i should hynoptise myself to sleep.. zzzz

– I cant wait to watch Ice Age 2 this coming thursday! –